Sacred Earth Travel - Sustainable Nature and Adventure Travel

Why Eco-travel?

Over the past 20 years it has become apparent that customers do have the ultimate power to change things. They have the power to vote with their feet - and with their money. As green values have gradually filtered into the fabric of society, people are now not just looking 'to do their bit' at home by recycling their wastes and buying eco-friendly products, but are increasingly looking for greener ways to travel, too. This trend has forged the way for a unique new concept - Eco-travel.

Eco-travel is defined as ecologically responsible and sustainable tourism. This exciting new global development has the potential of revolutionizing tourism as we know it. Growing numbers of people are seeking a different kind of travel experience. They no longer want to spend two weeks in a more or less insulated and artificial tourist environment that in effect is just a piece of their own culture transplanted to some exotic country. Instead, as more and more areas of outstanding natural beauty and unique bio-diversity disappear in front of our eyes, people are looking for experiences that connect them to nature and provides them with opportunities to meet and interact with the people who's natural heritage they are visiting. This growing worldwide trend reflects a positive change in attitude of what travel should be.

Tourism is a vital and still growing economic force. It holds a unique position to powerfully affect the direction of development, especially in the developing world. Many indigenous people are beginning to see the value of preserving their land by making it accessible to low-impact tourism. Tourism can contribute substantially to their subsistence-base and thus eliminate the need to destroy their pristine environment to raise cash crops or cattle, or to sell their land to timber companies or oil conglomerates. Numerous Eco-travel projects are in fact set up by or in conjunction with indigneous communities. Instead of disappearing into the insatiable pockets of foreign corporations, the money thus generated flows directly into the local communities and helps to preserve their traditional lifestyles and environment.

Many projects are being jointly developed between various conservation groups and local communities. These are often designed to give travelers unique insights into local ecology and culture. Knowledgeable native guides or trained and experienced biologists, ecologists, or ethnobotanists convey the wonder of the natural world with workshops, guided hikes, field trips and so on. The beauty of Eco-travel is this unique type of direct experience it has to offer.

Eco-travel is as unique and individual as the needs and interests of each and every traveler. Trips can be custom designed, leaving as much space and time 'to do your own thing' or explore independently as you wish. On the other hand, it also provides the opportunity to be part of a group of like-minded people in the company of knowledgeable guides.

We believe that there is no teacher like nature and travel is by far the best way to experience and learn about different environments and interact with people from different cultures. Sacred Earth Travel promotes travel adventures to some of the most pristine and exciting eco-travel destinations in Central and South America. We particularly promote programs that are set up by, or in support of local /or indigenous people and/or focus on unique and close encounters with nature.