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Jungle Lodge Based Wildlife Observation Tours in Tambopata, Peru

Posada Amazonas, Tambopata, Peru

Posada Amazonas

Posada Amazonas is located on the Ese'eje Native Community's territory within the 2000 hectare private communal reserve, which in turn is directly adjacent to the 1.5 million hectare Tambopata Candamo Reserved Zone in southeastern Amazonian Peru. Posada Amazonas is a comfortable, yet unobtrusive 30 bedroom lodge, jointly owned between an eco-tour operator and the Ese'eja Native Community of Tambopata. Thanks to its accessibility, excellent wildlife observation opportunities and first class accomodations, Posada Amazonas is the ideal short, economic introductory nature tours to Amazonia's richest rain forests.
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Special programs are also available: Birdwatching Tour, Voluntourism Program, Posada Amazonas Family Program for Teens 5d/4n or 4d/3n, Posada Amazonas Soft Adventure, Wellness Program.
Refugio Amazonas, Tambopata, Peru

Refugio Amazonas

Refugio Amazonas is a simple, 24 room lodge located in a 120 hectare private reserve surrounded by the community of Condenado, 3 hours by boat from the nearest town, Puerto Maldonado, and 2 hours up-river from Posada Amazonas. Puerto Maldonado can be reached in 30 minutes on daily commercial flights from Cusco and 90 minutes from Lima. Thanks to its location in the Tambopata National Reserve buffer zone, Refugio Amazonas is an excellent option for introductory nature tours and the ideal stepping stone for longer explorations to the Tambopata Research Center.
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Special programs are also available, such as: Biology and Ecology Seminar, Biology Workshop, Conservation and Sustainable Development Seminar; Sacred Earth, Family Program for Kids 4d/3n or 5d/4n, Family Program for Teens 4d/3n or 5d/4n, Wellness Tour, Yoga Retreat, Soft Adventure and Butterfly Lovers Tour
Tambopata Research Station, Tambopata, Peru

Tambopata Research Station

The TRC is located in the 1,600,000 ha. Tambopata-Candamo Reserved Zone, which is regarded as one of the premier nature destinations in the world. The lodge was built with the object to lodge tourists and researchers and to protect the nearby clay lick. An abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities, such as the macaw clay lick (where up to 15 species of macaws and parrots can be seen on any given day) and frequent encounters with troops of capuchin, howler, tamarin, squirrel or spider monkeys are within easy reach of the lodge.
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Special programs are also available, such as Wildlife Photography, Biology and Ecology Seminar, Biology Workshop, Birdwatching tour, Parrot Lover Tour, Ecotourism and Nature Interpretation Seminar, Family Program for Teens, Kayaking and Camping, Nature Expeditions, Kayaking and Canopy climbing, Multi Sport Adventure Tour, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Heath River Wildlife Center, Tambopata, Peru

Heath River Wildlife Center

Only 4 hours by river from P. Maldonado, the Center is one of the best-located lodge in the world's largest pristine rainforest. Within easy reach are an excellent macaw clay lick, Capybaras (120-pound Guinea Pigs), oxbow lakes with Giant Otters, 480 bird species, and 6 monkey species. Furthermore, we feature healthy populations of Tapirs and Jaguars. Though very traditional, the lodge in Sonene does not sacrifice comfort in the least. Guests enjoy roomy, private, double-occupancy bungalows with electric fans and en-suite facilities with hot showers.
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Sandoval Lake Lodge, Tambopata, Peru

Sandoval Lake Lodge

Located deep in Peru's Tambopata National Reserve, our lodge overlooks sparkling, palm-rimmed Sandoval Lake, the most beautiful and wildlife-rich of all lakes in the Tambopata area. This privileged location gives you exclusive access to the lake in the early morning and late afternoon, the choice hours for wildlife viewing and photography. No other lodge in Tambopata is on the banks of a protected oxbow lake.
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MachuPicchu (5K)

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

Inca Trail - Classic Peru Adventure

A hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu can be one of the most wonderful trekking experiences in South America. Taking you through enchanting scenery of different landscapes and climates you will eventually arrive at the spectacular city of the Incas: Machu Picchu. The Classic Inca Trail remains the most popular trek in South America.
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Mount Salcantay

Inca Trail - Alternative Route

Due to overcrowding of the Inca Trail the Peruvian Park Authority has limited the numbers of visitors allowed on the trek at any one time. One of the best non-traditional routes leading to the famous Inca city of Machu Picchu is the trail known as the "Salcantay Machu Picchu Inca Route" or "Alternative Inca Trail". This remote path leads us through an amazing variety of landscapes and habitats varying from green, rich valleys full of lush forests and trees of different species to highland fields and glacial moraines flanked by steep rocky and icy peaks of impressive beauty. During our trip we have to cross a high pass below the spectacular glaciers of the Humantay (5,917m - 19,414ft) and Salcantay (6,270m -20,572ft.) peaks. From our last camp site, crossing awesome mountain terrain and lush cloud forest landscapes, we trek down to the shores of the Urubamba River and from there by train we will be transported to the small town of Aguas Calientes for a well deserved rest in a comfortable hotel. Next day we will enjoy a full day tour to visit the amazing "Lost City", of the Incas: The fabulous Machu Picchu.
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Salkantay Lodge

Lodge-to-Lodge Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

This fabulous hike is the best and most comfortable route to Machu Picchu: a lodge-to-lodge trek that allows you to fully enjoy the trekking because you know a comfortable bed and excellent dinner are waiting for you. And, if you please, a Jacuzzy under the stars to boot. This trek is for hikers who don't believe that hiking should be torture or at least contain an element of sacrifice and deprivation. This is an Inca Trail with all the bells and whistles.
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Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley - without hiking

Experience the essence of the ancient Inca empire with a journey that takes you to the legendary Sacred Valley of the Incas and the Anta Valley with its it's magnificent Inca complexes of Pisaq, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero against a stunningly dramatic backdrop of the high Andes. Visit the engineering wonder of the Maras salt mines worked since the pre-Inca times and still in use today. Submerge yourself for two unforgettable days in the cloud forest and explore the sacred heart of the Inka empire at Machu Picchu while you marvel at its timeless mystery. The journey will end in Cusco with a guided tour of its greatest cultural and historical treasures, retracing the history of the longest inhabited city in the Americas with its magnificent churches and Inca temples like Coricancha and Sacsayhuman. A brief journey, yet packed with all the true marvels of what remains of the Inca world.
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Magic of the Cloud Forest

Manu Wildlife Center, Manu, Peru

Manu Wildlife Center

The Wildlife Center is located in a private, 40,000-acre rain forest reserve adjacent to the 1 million acre protected area named the "Amarakaeri Reserved Zone". The Center is the only lodge in the Manu lowlands with roomy, private bungalows, each of which has en suite private bathrooms complete with tiled, hot water showers. No other lodge in Manu offers all the major wildlife attractions in one spot: the world's largest tapir lick; the most photogenic large macaw lick; miles of monkey-rich trails through mature rain forest; two 120-foot-tall (35-m) canopy platforms and two mature lakes complete with Hoatzins and Giant Otters.
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Pantiacolla Lodge, Manu, Peru

Pantiacolla Lodge

Pantiacolla Lodge is set in beautiful rainforest on the side of the turbulent Madre de Dios River. It nestles in the Manu foothills at the base of the Pantiacolla Mountains, which is a very unique area of the national park. The mountains rise up to more than 1000 m behind the lodge and are a contributing factor to the enormous variety of wildlife that inhabits this area. Pantiacolla Lodge is an ideal rainforest destination for all types of jungle enthusiasts. For birders it offers superb opportunities to see unusually high numbers of birds in a very small area; for first time visitors it offers a comprehensive trail system that accesses all parts of the surrounding forest and offers great wildlife watching opportunities. For families it offers an *almost* mosquito free environment in which both children and adults can discover the secrets of the tropical rainforest.
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Camping in Manu

Low Impact Tours to Manu

Manu National Park was established in 1977 and in recognition of its uniqueness was designated a "World Heritage Site" ten years later. Manu is internationally acclaimed as one of the most biodiverse areas on earth. It is home to over 1000 species of birds, 15,000 species of plants, over 200 species of mammals, and untold numbers of insects, and within its heart remain yet uncontacted peoples. Wildlife aside, however, the journey into the park itself is amazingly spectacular and not to be missed. Access to Manu is normally by road. The two day trip from Cusco to the entrance of the Manu Reserved Zone carries you over the Andes mountains to an elevation of 4000 m, past pre-Inca ruins and down through the cloud forest on the eastern side of the Andes, and finally into lush, lowland rainforest. Roads remain largely unpaved and wind their way precariously past cascading waterfalls, deep gorges, and precipices. Manu is truly a complete experience. We offer several tours to Manu, but probably the most exciting, close to nature experience can be had by joining one of the low impact tours to Manu. These are fixed departure small group trips into the reserved zone of Manu. 7 and 9 day itineraries are available.
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Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge, Manu, Peru

Cock of the Rock Lodge

This lodge offers the world's best Andean Cock-of-the-Rock experience in a pristine cloud forest reserve. Manu, Peru. Situated at an elevation of 5000 feet (1600 meters) in the cool, mosquito-free Kosñpata Valley close to the wild Cusco-Shintuya road, the lodge protects and supports a 12,500-acre private cloud forest reserve. It consists of 12 double-occupancy bungalows with private bath facilities, and a separate complex with a large dining room.
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Cloudforest Wildlife

From the Cloud Forest to the Amazon - A Naturalist's Journey

This five-night program provides a complete overview of the habitats and wildlife of all elevations along the road-and-river route from Cusco to the Manu lowlands. We travel in our expedition bus down the orchid-festooned cloud forest road to Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge, which offers the world's finest viewing of these blazing scarlet birds. The following day, we drive and boat to Pantiacolla Lodge in the foothills of the Andes. On day three, we boat to Manu Wildlife Center and spend three nights there exploring the vast Manu lowlands. This trip includes one visit each to the Macaw Clay Lick, the Tapir Clay Lick, a canopy platform, and a mature oxbow lake. On the last day, you fly out to Cuzco.
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Amazon Basin

Tahuayo Lodge, Amazon Basin, Peru

Tahuayo Lodge

Tahuayo lodge on the Tahuayo River has access to a great variety of ecosystems that we can explore as well as many native communities downriver. There are sufficient English speaking native men and women guides so that each person can go at their own pace and according to their interests. This is ideal for people who do not want to be stuck with a large group on a pre-set itinerary. You can choose a photographer's pace, a soft pace or a ruggedly adventurous pace. You can concentrate more on birdwatching, canoeing, canopy exploration, fishing or native culture. The northwestern corner of the Amazon basin, often referred to as the "green paradise" of the Amazon forest,is home to several exceptional national parks and reserves, which offer some of the best wildlife viewing experiences to be found in the Amazon.
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Explorama Lodge, Amazon Basin, Peru

Explorama Lodge

Established in 1964, 80 km (50 mi) down the Amazon River, EXPLORAMA LODGE is deep in primary rainforest and offers two-day or longer excursions. Romantic kerosene torches and lamps illuminate palm-thatched houses with 10-17 private sleeping rooms. Covered connecting walkways lead to the Tahuampa Bar, the Dining Room, the Sun Porch and two Hammock Houses. Showers & toilet facilities adjoin each house. A variety of treks are offered, including the Seven Bridges Trail walk. A special Full Day excursion to the Canopy Walkway is available for Explorama Lodge guests staying 2 or more nights.
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ExplorNapo Lodge, Amazon Basin, Peru

Explornapo Lodge

On the Napo River, 160 km (100 mi) from Iquitos, EXPLORNAPO provides access to the pristine forest of Explorama´s Sucusari Reserve, as well as access to the adjoining Amazon Canopy Walkway, one of the longest treetop walkways in the world. This adventure offers the opportunity to live in an authentic Amazon River style with palm-thatched houses, kerosene lighting and open-hearth cooking in a rainforest surrounding. Room, shower and toilet facilities are identical to those of Explorama Lodge. The recommended 5 day/4 night program, including two nights at Explorama Lodge, provides the opportunity to take special rainforest treks and excursions into the surrounding primeval forest in an area named by scientists as the "Biodiversity Capital of the World". Other options available from ExplorNapo include an overnight adventure staying in ExplorTambo shelters which are located in more remote rainforest, as well as staying overnight at the ACTS Field Station.
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Ceiba Tops Lodge, Amazon Basin, Peru

Ceiba Tops Lodge

CEIBA TOPS, the newest of Explorama's lodges, opened in 2000, is located on the banks of the Amazon River just 40 km (25 mi) from Iquitos. Ceiba Tops offers the comforts of home, air conditioned rooms with private bathrooms, in the most luxurious of Amazonian Rainforest settings. At Ceiba Tops, elaborate gardens, a swimming pool, water slide, hammock house and the Esmeralda lounge all complement the surrounding exotic environment. Ceiba Tops is perfect for stays of one or more nights. A special Full Day excursion to the Canopy Walkway is available for Ceiba Tops guests staying 2 or more nights. Explore the myths, mysteries and magic of the world's most exotic jungle, and then step from the tropics into the air-conditioned comforts of Ceiba Tops.
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Canopy Walkway

A Week in the Amazon

On this tour you will visit 3 different Amazon Lodges: Explorama Lodge, ExplorNapo Lodge and Ceiba Tops Lodge, all located in the Amazon Basin. Each lodge is embedded in a different ecosystem and thus provides a unique insight into the ecology of the forest. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Amazon's longest canopy walkway, which provides a unique bird's eye perspective on the forest and its canopy inhabitants.
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Amazon Eco-Luxury River Cruise

Amazon Eco-Luxury Cruise - fixed departures

The Amazon Eco-Luxury River Cruise is for those who want exquisite wildlife safari adventures in style. These refurbished River Boats offer first class service and superior Peruvian cuisine in an environment of comfortable luxury that leaves nothing to be desired. The cruise will take you to places where few have gone before. In fact, you will be part of a select group of seasoned world travelers who visit the remote Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, five million acres of protected, flooded forest, roughly the size of a small Central American country. A secret world of obscure tropical flora and fauna awaits you.
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Birdwatching in Peru

Birdwatching at Tambopata Research Station, Peru

Birdwatching in Tambopata

The Tambopata Research Station is an excellent place for birders. Expert guided individualized programs can be arranged to explore different habitats: lowland rainforest, riparian habitat, bamboo trail, palm swamp and terra firme forest. Additional features are a visit to a macaw clay lick and canopy observation towers at Posada Amazonas and/or Refugio Amazonas. For birders private boat transportation is available on request at an extra charge.
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Birdwatching Tour at Explorama Lodge, Peru

Birdwatching Tour at Explorama Lodge

Explorama Lodges is sponsoring weekly Amazon Rainforest Birdwatching Holidays. These holidays are led by native Amazonian Naturalist Guides and feature Birdwatching from the Spectacular Amazon Canopy Walkway, the longest walkway of its type in the world. Other habitats that will be visited range from the Amazon River edge to interior black water lakes and from pastures and small open fields to environments deep within the Primary Rainforest. Each program begins upon arrival in Iquitos on any Saturday, on any airline flight, all year long!
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Hiking and Trekking in the Peruvian Andes

Camino Apu Asaungate Trek

Camino Apu Asaungate Trek

This trek offers a truly marvellous trekking experience, way up in the high Andes where the mountain tops loom majestically. A fatastic landscape of llama strewn pampas, lagoons and bizarre rock formations. Yet, despite the remoteness of this trek, you can do it in comfort: after a long day's hike at high altitude a comfortable bed and nourishing 3 course meal awaits you. The hiking is truly magnificent - but what a difference it makes to be able to retire to a comfortable bed at the end of the night instead of crawling into a tent! Now you can have both - and the whole thing run in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner - what more could you want?
This trekking project is a joint venture between the trekking company and local highland people, who have long eked out a living in this remote wilderness. The 'tambos' (guesthouses) are jointly run with the local communities.
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Choquequirao Trek

Choquequirao Trek

Choquequirao is perhaps one of the best-preserved major Inca ruins in southern Peru and rivaling in importance the world-famous Machu Picchu citadel. In fact, till the nineteenth century it was thought that Choquequirao might be the famous "Lost City of the Incas". It is located in the Vilcabamba Range where trekking offers great opportunities to explore beyond the well-known hiking routes to Machu Picchu. This is a challenging and rewarding adventure: great landscapes, high mountain passes, amazing views, and impressive Inca ruins are waiting for us in the heart of the Andes.
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Artesonraju Mountain - Cordillera Blanca

Cordillera Blanca Trek (Huaraz to Huaraz)

The most beautiful circuit of the worlds highest tropical mountain range, passing below towering peaks - Huascaran, Alpamayo, Taulliraju, Huandoy, Chacraraju and many others in the glacial canyons of Peru's first mountain National Park and Biosphere reserve. One of the world's best hiking circuits. Starts and ends in Huaraz.
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Magical Places in Peru

Suasi Island Lodge, Lake Titicaca

Suasi Island Lodge

This special place combines a truly unique location with excellent service. Built with local materials such as stone, adobe and totora reed, the hotel is located in the small private island of Suasi, one of the most beautiful and special islands of the entire Lake Titicaca. 24 rustic rooms with unrivalled views of the lake, each one decorated with furniture specially designed to match the surrounding landscape. The vastness of Lake Titicaca can be observed from every single room of the hotel, which is perched on a sheltered hill next to magnificent Andean terraces full of flowers.
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Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca

Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca

Explore the small villages located along the shores of Lake Titicaca and visit some of their most important pre-Inca temples and Colonial churches. Navigate Lake Titicaca in a private fully equipped boat visiting the intriguing floating island of the Uros and other islands of Lake Titicaca like Taquile island famous for it's rich culture and textiles. Walk the trails of the inimitable pre-Inca burial site of Sillustani and enjoy its grand views of Lake Umayo.
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Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon

Visit the colonial city of Arequipa to see some of the most important colonial sites in Peru such as the Santa Catalina Convent. Later shop for fine alpaca and vicuna garments at a factory store producing the latest fabrics for the top European designers. Embark on a fascinating exploration of the ruggedly beautiful land around Arequipa and the Colca Canyon. Travel through the National Reserve Salines & Aguada Blanca surrounded by snowcapped volcanoes and see the elegant wild vicuna grazing the wide expanses of the "altiplanos" or high plains. Venture along the rim of the indescribable Colca Canyon, the deepest gorge in the world and home to the Cambanas and Collaguas indigenous communities and the Andean Condor. Witness the engineering genius of the pre-Incas in the form of irrigation canals and terraces still in use today. Spend two unforgettable nights at a small, secluded lodge nested near the canyon walls.
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Ancient History and Cultures of Peru

Nazca Lines & Paracas Marine Reserve

Paracas Marine Reserve & Nazca Lines

Peru's Coastal Desert offers a stark contrast to the lush rainforest of the interior. Yet, this seemingly desolate place also holds some fascinating mysteries. Just a four hour drive south of Lima lies Peru's only Marine Reserve, a relatively small but precious area situated between ocean and desert, the Paracas Marine Reserve is teeming with wildlife. Not far from there some of the oldest archeological finds of Peru have been discovered, and last but not least, the famous Nazca lines, cryptic glyphs drawn over several kilometers on the desert floor by civilizations that have long since left this planet. Though everybody speculates, nobody knows for sure what these lines might mean or stand for, who created them and for what purpose...
This short trip visits both, the Marine Reserve and the Nazca lines, and includes a flight to view them from the air - the only way to really appreciate their magnitude.
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Moche Tour

The Moche Route

Some of the greatest archaeological treasures of Peru can be found in the northern part of the country. Visit the most famous Sipan tomb in Chiclayo, deemed one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the last 30 years, and trace the steps of the ancient Peruvians at the pyramids of Tucume. In Trujillo, visit the beautiful Sun and Moon temples built by Moches, the colonial city and Chan Chan citadel, the capital of the Chimu empire.
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Chachapoyas Express

A program for travelers with limited time to visit the Chachapoyas but that offers the option to explore the huge mountaintop temple and fortess of Kuelap, The Leymebamba museum with its collection of 200 mummies, the Revash cliff tombs. The area is still new to tourism, but we have taken every care to provide as comfortable a stay as possible, with air-conditioned vehicles, expert guides and the best possible accommodation.
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Chachapoyas Explorer

When the Pre-Columbian Chachapoyas culture was conquered by the Incas during the 15th century, it left a landscape strewn with half-forgotten villages and burial sites that untile until recently were largely ignored by archaeologists. The undisputed and most impressive center of this ancient culture is the mighty fortress of Kuelap, perched majestically atop mountain-top cliffs overlooking the verdant Andean cloud forests landscape around the town of Chachapoyas in Peru's northern Amazonas Department. Fixed departure program.
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Kuelap Discoverer

When the Pre-Columbian Chachapoyas culture was conquered by the Incas during the 15th century, it left a landscape strewn with half-forgotten villages and burial sites that until recently were largely ignored by archaeologists. The undisputed and most impressive center of this ancient culture is the mighty fortress of Kuelap, perched majestically atop mountain-top cliffs overlooking the verdant Andean cloud forests landscape around the town of Chachapoyas in Peru's northern Amazonas Department.
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cajamarca (14K)

Treasures of the Northern Kingdoms 8d/7n

This journey through the landscape and history of Peru's little-known northern region is a revelation and a magical experience for many of our visitors. The program is intended for travelers with a special interest in archaeology, and a taste for adventure. This region is still new to tourism, but we have taken every care to provide as comfortable a stay as possible, with air-conditioned vehicles, expert guides and the best possible accommodation.
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Cajamarca and Chiclayo

Cajamarca was a major center of the Inca Empire. It is most famous for being the place of first contact between Pizarro and the Inca army, which he defeated in a one-sided battle shortly thereafter, and captured Atahualpa, the last of the independent Inca monarchs. Although the Inca city was razed to the ground, Cajamarca boasts many beautiful colonial buildings, as well as the Inca-era "Ransom Room," where Atahualpa was kept as a prisoner of the Spanish before being garroted.
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Archaeology and Nature
Trujillo, Chaparri and Chiclayo

This itinerary combines some of the most spectacular highlights of Peru's desert archaeology with a glimpse of one of the planet's rarest forest habitats, the arid 'Tumbesian' woodlands of Peru's north coast. We visit the glorious cities and temples of the Moche and Chimú civilizations, and glimpse the vestiges of an opulent Spanish colonial era in the modern city of Trujillo. The middle part of our journey takes us to a lodge in the Chaparrí nature reserve, set in the fascinating Pacific dry forest, and home to rescue projects for the threatened Andean Spectacled Bear and the critically endangered White-winged Guan. Finally we reach the city of Chiclayo, whence we launch our exploratory journeys to the pyramids of Túcume and Sipán and visit the spectacular collection of Moche treasures at the Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum. We end our visit with a flight to Lima.
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