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Rainforest Adventures

There are numerous tour operators who organize trips into the rainforest. These can range from real adventure trips, where you spend half the day making your own raft and have to carry all your own gear to comfortable stays at wonderful jungle lodges, with educational programs about the rainforest ecology, its flora, fauna and its people. Most tour operators who offer camping trips e.g. to Manu will provide all camping equipment, including cooking facilities and tents. If you want to organize a really independent expedition you might get away with just hiring a guide and boat, but you'll have to bring all your own camping equipment and food. Here is a list of things that might prove useful whilst exploring the jungle.

DON'T GO WITHOUT: Additional necessities for SOFT-ADVENTURE Additional necessities for EXPEDITION ADVENTURE

Insect repellent

Pocket knife

Food supplies & cooking equipment

Maleria pills

Toilet paper

Water treatment pills

Sun hat

Mosquito net

First Aid Kit

Sunscreen lotion

Sleeping bag

Fishing hooks and line


Warm clothing

Adequate fuel

Waterproof clothing

Diarrhea medicine

Compass / whistle


Going hiking in Peru offers some of the most stunning and spectacular scenery anywhere in the Andes. However, it can lead well off the beaten path. There are numerous tour operators who organize treks to many of the most beautiful areas. Whilst it is possible to hike in the Andes independently it is also extremely demanding. The high altitude in many places alone makes hiking (especially when carrying a 25kg pack) a breathless experience. Going with a tour means you can spend more time and energy enjoying the scenery without having to carry too much stuff. Whichever way you go, acclimatize a few days before hand. You'll need warm clothes and a good sleeping bag, as it can get pretty cold at nights. Also bring a basic first aid kit and all the other camping essentials you'll need, including food and water. When going with a tour those details are usually taken care of. See our featured trekking expeditions.

White Water Rafting

There are many places that are excellent for rafting and numerous tour operators who'll take you there. Most are in the southern central Andes, around Cuzco and Arequipa. Some of the rivers are safer than others, indeed some rivers here are rated extremely challenging and dangerous at times.

Mountain Biking

This is a fairly recently developed tourism activity in Peru. However, there are some companies that offer mountain biking trips. The beauty of this mode of travel is of course that one can really get off the beaten track and have one's own transport too. These trips are pretty demanding though and should only be attempted by people who are in a fit condition to take up the challenge. Don't underestimate the effects of high altitudes.