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Cajamarca and Chiclayo Tour - Northern Peru Archaeology


Day 1: Lima/Cajamarca

CajamarcaEarly morning arrival at Cajamarca and transfer to La Laguna Seca Hotel and Spa. Light breakfast followed by a tour around this hotel to be familiar with the area. Rest of the morning for relaxation. After lunch we will explore the main points of the city: the Main Square, the Cathedral and the 17th century San Francisco Church, which houses the Museum of Religious Art, a fine collection of colonial oil paintings and the catacombs. Continue on to the Ransom Room which the last Inca emperor, Atahualpa, filled once with gold and twice with silver so as to obtain his freedom in 1532, to the Belen Complex which includes the Belen Church, constructed entirely of sculptured volcanic rock and the Medical, Ethnological and Archaeological Museums and finally on to the Santa Apolonia hill, for a scenic view of the valley of Cajamarca and where one may also see the ceremonial Inca Seat. Then we will take a delicious coffee at local coffee shop. Return to the hotel.

Comments: Cajamarca was a major center of the Inca Empire. It is most famous for being the place of first contact between Pizarro and the Inca army, which he defeated in a one-sided battle shortly thereafter, and captured Atahualpa, the last of the independent Inca monarchs. Although the Inca city was razed to the ground, Cajamarca boasts many beautiful colonial buildings, as well as the Inca-era "Ransom Room," where Atahualpa was kept as a prisoner of the Spanish before being garroted.

Day 2: Cajamarca

Ventillas de OtuzcoAfter breakfast we will drive to a special area where we will do a light trek around the Cajamarca countryside to learn more about the local customs before we will continue to the famous Ventanillas de Otuzco, a pre-Inca burial site where hundreds of crypts in the shape of small windows are carved into volcanic rock slopes. Then we will continue to Fundo Los Alpes for a taste of fine cheese and a sweetened milk delight (manjar blanco). Then afternoon massage session at La Laguna Seca Spa.

Comments: The Hotel Laguna Seca Spa brings together the natural elements from Cajamarca's landscape and specially created and designed elements to promote the practice of relaxing therapies, where the waters that flow from the thermal springs are used to give the body the minerals and components, which contribute to relaxation and health.

In combination with the pure air and the freshness of the environment, a health therapy in the exclusive Laguna Seca Spa offers the perfect way of rejuvenating the body and preventing illnesses, giving comfort, security and professionalism with every stay Treatments available: Anti-stress massage, Slimming massage, reflexology, localized massage, mud therapy, chiropractic massage, face treatment and complete treatment.

Day 3: Cajamarca/Chiclayo

Early morning departure to Chiclayo. We will pass through different local towns starting from the Andes at 2700 m.a.s.l and finish in Chiclayo city at 30 m.a.s.l. After lunch at the hotel we will visit the local community of fishermen in Pimentel where we will see how they use the totora reed boats as Moche used in ancient times. Then continue to Monsefu to visit a local family who prepares for decades fine handicrafts including the famous hats, centerpieces in woven straw and embroidery. Return to Chiclayo.

Day 4: Chiclayo/Lima

Royal Tombs of SipanFull day dedicated to learn more about the pre Inca cultures in Chiclayo. We'll visit Sipan, where the tomb of the Lord of Sipan was discovered. The Lord ruled around 200 AD over the Moche culture, and his gold-laden tomb is considered to be the richest in the Americas. We will travel to the town of Lambayeque to visit the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, where many of these riches are displayed. After lunch, we'll visit the 26 pre-Columbian pyramids of Tucume. These pyramids were excavated by Thor Heyerdahl (of Kon-tiki fame), who discovered burial sites, textiles, Incan figurines and depictions of reed boats. This, together with goods from far-flung corners of the South America, allowed Heyerdahl to prove that the ancient people of Tucume were experienced voyagers and traders. We'll return to Chiclayo and then transfer to the airport to take the flight to Lima.

Notes: You have the option to add one additional day in Cajamarca to visit Cumbemayo and/or Granja Porcon.

La Laguna Seca Hotel

A nice and elegant country-style hotel and spa. Our choice in Cajamarca. Located close to the Baños del Inca. Restaurant, bar, cafeteria, thermal-water pools and good service. Also aerobics and massage room.


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