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Diving Osa Peninsula - Southern Costa Rica

divingO2 (45K)Osa is the wild, southern region of Coasta Rica. It is home of the Corcovado National Park, the most biodivers National Park of Costa Rica. What few people realize, is that the Pacific ocean here also teems with life. Many large marine species can be observed, even close to the coast. Whales pass by and dolphins play in the bays. Rays and various types of shark are also commonly observed. But there are also many smaller species that make diving in these waters especially interesting.


Osa Peninsula is mostly covered by dense rainforest, with a very warm, humid climate all year round. Temperatures range from 28° to 35°C, accompanied by high humidity. Water temperatures vary between 24° and 29°C with thermoclines at varying depths. Rainfalls may occur at any time, but November through March tends to be a bit drier. For most people, a 2mm spring suit (shorty) will suffice. If you tend to get cold, a full 2mm or 3mm suit will almost always do the job.


Currents are usually mild, but on some days they can be strong. The dive shop can gage the water conditions and can inform divers accordingly.

Underwater Visibility:

Visibility is excellent! It can vary from site to site, of course, but usually is never less than 40 ft (12 m) and may even be up to 100 ft (30 m), making it the best in mainland Costa Rica. Averages is at 60 ft (20 m) and more.

Plants / Corals:

You will dive unique rock formations, towering rock pinnacles and caves. Soft and hard coral formations are common, but not as colorful or abundant as in the Caribbean.

Marine Life:

Caño Island offers some of the most exciting diving anywhere in the world due to its abundant marine life! Humpback whales, dolphins, reef sharks, giant manta rays, mobula rays, sting rays, sea turtles, roupers, snappers, angels, Moorish idols, trumpetfish, various types of eels, crustaceans, huge schools of barracuda, jacks, grunts and much more. Sometimes the numbers are so great that sunlight can actually be blocked by these large schools of fish, creating an underwater eclipse. Although not as common, the elusive whale shark and the shy hammerhead are often spotted in the area.

In Drake Bay, we cooperate with Costa Rica Adventure Divers and Caño Divers. Here are some details of Costa Rica Adventure Divers:

Name: Costa Rica Adventure Divers, founded in 1996
Language: English, Spanish
School: PADI
Courses: Review, Resort Course - Discover, Open Water Drake Bay, Open Water Caņo Island, Open Water Drake Bay / Caņo Island, Referral, Advanced, Rescue, Dive Master, Specialty Courses (upon request)
Equipment: Sherwood and Henderson
Tanks: 80 cu ft (12 lt) aluminium with regular K-valve; DIN compatible valves are not available at this time Compressor: Top quality Bauer K-14
Repairs: possible on spot
Decompression: nearest one in Panama City
Emergency: first aid kit and oxygen
Shore-Diving: possible
Night dives: possible
Lamps: available for night dives
Notes: Diving all year through. Wetsuit (3mm) is recommended. Equipment for rent; tanks, weights, belt, boat, guide, snacks and drinks are included. Certified divers must show their certification card at the dive shop.

Costa Rica Adventure Divers has its dive base in Drake Bay, at Jinetes de Osa Resort. We offer the following two hotels as a dive base for single diving trips or complete packages with Costa Rica Adventure Divers:

Aguila de Osa Inn

This exclusive lodge provides a lot of privacy and gives the adventurer the possibility to explore the wild surroundings of Osa, yet stay in top notch accommodations. Exciting dining is a trademark at Aguila de Osa Inn. Enjoy the fresh seafood, pasta, tasty vegetables and tropical fruits. Even TV and wireless internet is available for guests at the restaurant building. Eleven standard rooms are spread within the tropical gardens in blocks of 1 - 3 rooms on different levels. They offer a lot of space and high ceilings with a natural air circulation system, fan, minibar, hand crafted decor, Italian-tiled bathrooms, 24 hours electricity and a beautiful view of Drake Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The Junior and Master suite offers even more comfort and privacy, rates for these roomtypes are on request.

Check package details and rates

Jinetes de Osa

Jinetes de Osa fits naturally into the ambience of Drake Bay. The resort consists of three buildings located on the beach, as well as 20 acres of rain forest. The resort has 14 rooms located in two of the three buildings and a dining room and kitchen in the third. Between the months of December to May you can eat your breakfast on the deck of the dining room while watching humpback whales migrate across the bay. The rooms are simple, comfortable and clean.

For package details and rates, please inquire.

Caño Divers - Pirate Cove

This small and cozy lodge is under Swiss management. It is located near the village of Drake and the estuary of Rio Drake where it meets the Pacific Ocean. Ther are 7 rooms in total, 2 of which are made out of a strong canvass and offer space for 1 - 3 people, 5 rooms are big ennough to accommodate up to 5 people and are made with fixed walls. All rooms feature a private bathroom with hot water and a terrace with hammock and partial view of the Pacific. Meals are served in an open restaurant. Homemade bread and cookies as well as warm meals prepared with love are on the menu. This is a friendly hotel, where families and uncomplicated young travelers will feel at home. Clients are treated with warm, personal attention. It is an ideal spot for divers as it has its own dive shop. Caño Divers is a member of PIRA (Padi International Association). All equipment is less than two years old, and experienced dive masters accompany the dives.

For package details and rates, please inquire.

For further information and booking inquiries please send us and e-mail.