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Self Drive Itinerary for the Central Wine Valley

Central Valley VinyardsChile is famous for its wines - the central valley offers ideal conditions to grow a wide variety of grapes, north to south, and from lower to higher altitudes, which require different micro-climates for their development. The Central Valley is an ideal destination for those who wish to combine gourmet pleasures with walking in the foothills of the Andes. The tour starts in Santiago and makes a nice little circuit through some of the best wine growing regions.

Day 1: Santiago - Las Majadas de Colchagua (190 km / 120 mi)

Today you will pick up your car and drive to the renowned Colchagua Valley. Drive 142 kilometres to San Fernando and then follow the route towards Santa Cruz. Along the road you will be able to see how the thriving wine industry has taken over most of the valley. There at Santa Cruz you will reach your final destination at Viña Bisquertt. There, the old family house has been remodelled to provide excellent accommodations and also features an inviting wine cellar. (B)

Day 2: Viña Bisquertt

Self-Self Drive itinerary to discover Chile's Central Wine ValleyThis day you can pick your way through some of the many wineries of this always surprising region, while driving you will be able to see Chile's most traditional Huaso area, with old adobe houses and beautiful corridors. Overnight at Las Majadas de Colchagua. (B)

Day 3: Colchagua - Valparaíso (250 km / 160 mi)

Today you will drive through the I-80-g route to reach your final destination in Valparaíso. This route is a great alternative to Chile's main highway since it keeps most of the quaint appearance from the old times. Once you make it to Valparaíso you will be able to experience the oldest and most important port of Chile. Valparaiso's picturesque layout, enhanced by the surrounding hills that seem to dive into the ocean, remind us that this was once the most important maritime destination of the Pacific coast before the Strait of Panama was opened to navigation in 1914. Overnight in Valparaíso. (B)

Traditional Winery in Chile's Central Vine Valley

Day 4: Along the Coast

Today you can drive along the coast and explore some of the most traditional beach town in Chile, including Viña del Mar and Con Con. Maybe you want to explore the nearby old whale processing factory in Quintay or visit the house of Pablo Neruda (Literature Nobel Prize winner) in Isla Negra with its beautiful collections (Closed on Mondays). There are some amazing wineries that specialize in whites in the Casablanca valley. Overnight in Valparaíso. (B)

Day 5: Termas de Jahuel (260 km / 160 mi)

Today you will leave the coast to start climbing up the Andes Mountain Range. You will drive towards the city of San Felipe. Here you will start seeing some of the traditional country side houses that were built in one of Chile’s first developed agricultural areas. Then at 1180 m / 3900 ft and only 14 km / 9 mi Northeast of San Felipe you will find the amazing spa and health service of Alto Jahuel. Overnight in Alto Jahuel. (B)

Day 6: Santiago (100 km / 62 mi)

Today you will drive back to Santiago to drop off your car and catch your flight back. (B)

Rates on request - This itinerary is highly customisable. For further information and booking inquiries please send us and e-mail.