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La Selva Eco-Lodge

La Selva LodgeLocated in the rain forest of Ecuador's Rio Napo, about two hours down river by fast dugout canoe from Coca. La Selva is one of the more easily reached destinations in the Amazon and ideal for the birder traveling alone, rather than as part of an organized bird tour. The Lodge has 17 cabins built in the traditional style, each with its own toilet and hot shower, all located on a hill overlooking a lake named Garzacocha (Heron) lake. Around this region it is possible to find 14 species of monkeys, 600 of birds, 4.000 of fish and 15.000 species of plants.

When you get to La Selva Jungle Lodge's isolated dock, a half mile boardwalk of bamboo slats keeps you above a vast mysterious palm swamp as you make your way to the lake. The boardwalk ends at Garzacocha Lake where paddle canoes await you to take you across. A quarter mile along, La Selva Jungle Lodge begins to peek out at you. It is your first expedition of discovery in what will be a vacation filled with marvel and wonder.

Accommodation and Facilities

La Selva dining roomThe cabanas are derived from native and mixed design: authentic and comfortable with unexpected ammenities including private bathrooms, hot showers, electricity, ceiling fans, and are immaculately cleaned every day.

Our cozy private bungalows are made entirely of secondary growth rainforest materials and designed to blend with the surroundings. Each one has a private bathroom, a hammock and mosquito netting for each bed (although you will be surprised at what little need you will have for this item).

There are 12 thatched cabanas of varying sleeping configurations and several public gathering spots, including the spacious dining room with a rooftop lookout point, an open-air combined bar and a lounge with a wrap-around view of the lake.

The food is our pride. It blends the finest ingredients Ecuador has to offer with French, North American and Ecuadorian culinary skills. Expect to try most of these fruits: uvillas, guayabas, guanabanas, naranjillas, morete, obos, taxo, granadilla and tomate de arbol. We make Amazonian pizza that will rival any; veal milanesa a l'Amazon; and local fish, when available, prepared with one of our numerous original recipes (Vegetarian and special diets are available request).


Rustic cabins Traditional Hut: rustic and cozy cabanas with private bathroom, fans, mosquito nets, electricity, hot water. They have one matrimonial bed and two twins, perfect for families of 4 members, for couples, friends or single travelers. We have 4 of this huts. On the porch we have a hammock.

Rustic Cabins
rustic cabins bedroom hammock

Superior suite: luxury cabana that can be matrimonial (8 king size bed suites) or twin (4 suites); all of them have a small sofa bed for children under 12 years old. Also, these suites have private bathroom, fans, mosquito nets, electricity and hot water. Also, they offer a pretty balcony with panoramic view of the forest. Floors are made of tile as well as the bathroom what keeps the suite much fresher.

Superior Suites
superior cabana superior suite bedroom superior suite bathroom

Family Suite: As traditional huts, these cabanas have private bathroom, fans, mosquito nets, electricity, hot water, as well as one matrimonial bed and two twins, perfect for families of 4 members, for couples, friends or single travelers. The difference is that they are located in two separate rooms. Family suites are the double in size from the other type of cabanas. The floor and bathroom are made of tile. Also, the Family suites have big windows and panoramic doors which give lots of light to them. On the porch, there is a hammock and a small Jacuzzi for our guests. We have 4 of this type of cabanas.

Family Suites
family suite family suite bedroom family suite bathroom

Scenic Rooms: Three luxury rooms located on the reception area. They can be matrimonial (2 king size bed rooms) or twin (1 room). Also, they have a small sofa bed for children under 12 years old. As the rest of our cabanas, these suites have private bathroom, fans, mosquito nets, electricity and hot water. They have a pretty balcony with panoramic view of the lagoon. They have the same style as Superior Suites.

Scenic Room
porch bedroom bathroom

What to do at La Selva Jungle Lodge:

Surrounding the lodge and across the lake are extensive trail systems, which offer many wildlife viewing opportunities for birdwatchers and naturalists. Many of the trails are purposely underdeveloped, increasing the chances of wildlife encounters. The rivers and lakes offer yet another way explore the surroundings from the perspective of the canoeing. Also within reach of the lodge are challenging mountainous excursions, which offer a completely different ecosystem and species diversity. The possibilities are endless.


wildlife observationWALK TO SILVERIO'S HOUSE:
Cross Garzacocha Lake to begin a two and a half to three hour walk on a rugged trail with some physically challenging parts. Half of the walk takes place in primary forest and the other half passes by the huts of our indigenous neighbors along the Napo River.
Cross Garzacocha Lake, walk through virgin forest to observe the Giant Kapok Tree (Ceiba Pentandra) and the Strangler Fig Tree (Ficus sp), as well as other plant and animal species that can be seen along the trail; arrive at the lodge for lunch. It takes about four and a half hours for the whole loop.
Visit to the Yasuni National Park to appreciate a unique site where parrots and parakeets gather in order to obtain the minerals that will help them to digest the fruits or seeds they have consumed. Option to enter to an indigenous community inside the Yasuni Park where other species of parrots and macaws can be seen (additional park entrance fees apply)
Head east at the Mandiņan trailhead, followed by a walk back to Garzacocha lake. 3 - 4 hour walk. Surprises can be found on the way.
This is an introductory walk perfect for your arrival day. Here you will have the chance to appreciate the particular Strangler Fig (Ficus sp), Azteca Ants (Azteca Trigona) lots of bright and beautiful heliconia plants and the Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasiliensis).
This is a short 2 hour walk around the lodge where you will get a general idea of the tropical rainforest (flora, fauna & microfauna).
Short trip by foot around the edge of Lake Garzacocha. Return by canoe to the lodge.
Climb to the top of our bar and restaurant for incredible views, wildlife observation and birdwatching opportunities. Our newly remodeled 135 foot observation tower will be ready next summer 2013.
Available every afternoon. Close to the lodge, watch and photograph butterflies at close range. With any luck, witness the miracle of metamorphosis.
This trail, like the charapa trail begins next to the butterfly farm and ends on the edge of the lagoon. It is also a loop where you start our walking and come back to the hotel by canoe. Depending on the guest's interests, the trail can be done in the morning or in the afternoon. It lasts approximately two hours, and is ideal for observing diverse flora and fauna. With luck we will have mammal and bird sightings close to the lake.
Lasts three to four hours depending on the animal sightings that happen along the way. The entire trail is by foot to observe flora and fauna typical of the tropical rainforest.

Jungle Expedition Tour

One walk through the virgin forests and you'll already appreciate the Giant Kapok Tree (Ceiba Pentandra) and the Strangler Fig Tree (Ficus sp), among the most representatives, along with some other plant and animal species that can be seen.

Canoe Ride

Enjoy a canoe ride on our lagoon, Garzacocha, and discover a great diversity of plants and animals in two different landscapes and ecosystems.

Night Excursions

Hikes and canoe rides allow guests to hear the nocturnal sounds and to look for fishing bats, nightjars, some insects and possibly to get a glimpse of the caimans. Walking excursions give us the chance to encounter nocturnal creatures such as: Tarantulas, Whip-scorpions, toads and frogs, and possibly snakes.


Please try to pack just what you need for the program, and kindly find below La Selva Jungle Lodge suggested packing list:

  • Passport
  • Dollars in small denominations, as well as travel checks for bar service and gratuities
  • Prescription medicine (make sure you have sufficient supplies)
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Flashlight with Alkaline Batteries (available for sale at La Selva Jungle Lodge). If you wish you can get a headlamp model that is suggested by the guides.
  • Camera, enough film and batteries (suggested film ASA 400)
  • Binoculars and a pocket knife
  • Rain poncho (available for sale at La Selva Jungle Lodge)
  • Umbrella (guest suggestion)
  • Insect repellent
  • Suntan lotion or sun protector
  • Plastic bags with zip loc: to protect gear for rain
  • Rubber boots (most sizes available for free at La Selva Jungle Lodge - enquire about your size)
  • Camp shoes: sneakers, watershoes, tevas or thongs, etc.
  • Arrival and departure shoes if different from camp shoes
  • At least one pair of underwear and socks for each day (knee socks are good if you wear shorts with your boots)
  • 3 long sleeve (lightweight) shirts
  • 2 T-shirts
  • 1 long pant for arrival and departure
  • 1 lightweight pant for night use around La Selva Jungle Lodge
  • 2 Field pants - old or durable and not of jean material because it will not dry if wet
  • 2 shorts
  • Handkerchief (bandanna) and brim hat or cap (available for sale at La Selva Jungle Lodge)
  • Sunglasses
  • Bathing suit
  • Light sweater & lightweight jacket
  • Canteen
  • Small backpack
  • Bio-degradable soap and shampoo are a MUST (for camping)

It is always hard to talk about clothing because of the number of ways you can see and be at La Selva Jungle Lodge.

The clothing will vary according to how much adventuring you plan to do. If you plan to paddle around the lake, eat and take "siestas": a pair of shorts, a bathing suit, and not a whole lot else will be necessary.

However, if you choose the take excursions, La Selva Jungle Lodge suggests:

  • At least one pair of socks for each day
  • Long pants and shorts
  • Rubber boots (most normal sizes available at La Selva Jungle Lodge)
  • Tennis, running or other comfortable shoes
  • A couple of long and short sleeve shirts and t-shirts
  • Underwear
  • A bathing suit
  • A sweater and/or jacket

Forest colors help to blend into the surroundings and may increase the chances of seeing wildlife; however, no special purchases are required.

Rates per person in 2017:

Family Suite, Superior Suite or Scenic Room USD
4 days/3 nights US$1215
5 days/4 nights US$1510
Extra Nights US$330

For single rates add 30% to regular rates.

4 days / 3 nights program:
Wednesday - Saturday
Friday - Monday
5 days / 4 nights program:
Monday - Friday
Saturday - Wednesday

Departure days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
additional canoe charges apply on other days and vary according to number of passengers.


Included:Not Included:
  • Airport assistance (Quito and Coca)
  • Accommodation
  • All meals
  • Native guide and bilingual naturalist guide
  • Excursions
  • Transportation Coca - La Selva - Coca
  • Airfare Quito - Coca - Quito (US$ 187 per person, subject to change)
  • National Park Entrance Fee (approx US$50)
  • Insurance
  • Drinks
  • Tips
  • Extras and personal expenses

Prices may vary due to currency exchange rate fluctuations.

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