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Caves Branch Lodge, Belize

At the foot of the Maya Mountains, in the central region of Belize, hidden in the rainforest is a unique jungle lodge. Located on the privately owned 58,000 acre Caves Branch Estate, the lodge cabins are tucked beneath a 100 foot rainforest canopy, alongside the turquoise waters of the Caves Branch river. Discover the beauty and excitement found in the tropical jungle and the caves of Belize. The roots of Mayan culture are entwined with the thick vegetation, habitat of numerous species of native wildlife - the presence of the Mayan past lie everywhere, in the maze of caves that riddle the Maya mountains or among the overgrown ruins of once glorious temples and cities. After 12 years of exploration deep into the jungle and ancient Mayan caves of Belize, we now share these discoveries with you.

Cave Hiking, BelizeHigh Octane Adventure at Maximum Safety

Originally set up as a caving outfit, this company has grown and developed into one of the best lodges for adventurous travellers to be found in Belize. Caving is still a big part of their various adventure programs, but other adventures, such as horseback riding, snorkeling trips, overnight jungle adventures and more have been added to the repertoire of choices. Being involved with 'out of the ordinary' adventures also brings with it the responsibility of safety for guests. In this respect the guides excel. Caves Branch management is proud that their team is the best trained team in the country - indeed, one would have to search far and wide to find another, equally competent and committed team of guides. Each Caves Branch guide has received intensive training in "Cave and wilderness rescue / evacuation" and "Wilderness first aid" and are founding members of the Belize Cave and Wilderness Rescue Team. Guides are re-certified twice each year. Their skills have been more than tried and tested during the hurricane Iris relieve efforts, and have even been solicited by FEMA in the wake of the 9/11 attack in New York.

Every expedition that leaves Caves Branch has a back up to support the possibility of a potential injury. Each expedition is monitored by radio to within an hour of returning to base.

Exploring the caves of the Maya Mountains, BelizeFamily Travel at Caves Branch Adventure Lodge, Belize (2K)

Caves Branch Lodge has come a long way in their 12 years of operation. From originally aiming solely at hard core, high adrenaline thrill seekers they now make their adventures accessible to a broad range of adventurous, active travellers and families seeking a special experience. Their guides have received additional training to competently deal with the special needs of children and families, helping them to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime in a safe way without compromising on the adventure factor.

To assist in the high cost of traveling with your family, we have created special package rates for families.

For families with children of mixed ages, child minding services are available for kids that are too young to participate in certain adventures.

Lodgings at Caves Branch Adventure Lodge

Unique, comfortable spacious lodgings in various categories suit different sized budgets - from luxurious treehouse suites with private bathrooms, to comfortable bungalows or simple jungle cabins with outdoor jungle showers.

Treehouse veranda, Caves Branch Adventure Lodge, Belize

Jungle Tree Houses:

The newest rooms at Caves Branch are built on a hillside overlooking Caves Branch River. They are set among the trees and raised up to 20 feet off the ground, providing a perfect perch to look down at the river below. These suites offer over 800 square feet of space - plenty of room for a whole family to spread out. They are divided on split levels, with a raised bedroom set back behind a screened in living area. The bedroom has a king size bed and the living area has a futon pullout sofa. There is a spacious indoor bathroom with a full and shower, plus an additional outdoor shower, both with hot water and an outside balcony.

The rooms are finished with natural materials, a welcoming blend of stone, wood and marble. Decorations, furniture and artwork are all from local and regional sources. The finishing, furnishings and open plan design create a rustic feel, luxurious look and comfortable space to relax in after a day's adventure.

Jungle Suite, Caves Branch Adventure Lodge, Belize

Jungle Suites:

The four cabana suites offer the highest degree of rustic comfort. Each suite has a furnished front patio, a living room with wicker furniture and a futon double bed, indoor washroom with hot and cold running water, shower and toilet, powerful ceiling fans, and a raised bedroom with a king-size bed.

The entire suite is surrounded by screened picture windows that allow every breeze and jungle sound to float into the cabana to you. Oil lamps for lighting provide that romantic glow.

Bungalow, Caves Branch Adventure Lodge, Belize

Jungle Bungalows:

These are among the newest jungle accommodations at the lodge. The bungalows are fully screened to keep bugs out but let the essence of the jungle in.

Each bungalow contains a queen size bed, sitting room with a double futon, full inside bathroom facilities with hot water showers, powerful ceiling fans, hardwood, terra cotta tile ceilings, and a wrap around veranda.

Cabana, Caves Branch Adventure Lodge, Belize

Jungle Cabanas:

For versatile accommodations on your Belize adventure choose a jungle cabana with double and/or single beds. Like all of the accommodations, these lodgings have powerful ceiling fans and are completely screened.

Full washroom facilities are located outside the cabanas with modern toilet facilities and our outdoor warm water jungle showers.

Adventure Packages at Caves Branch Adventure Lodge, Belize

Although it is possible to stay at the lodge for just a night or two and book adventures a la carte, the much better option is to book an adventure package of 3-7 days, comprising of the accommodation of your choice, all meals, complimentary drinks on arrival, highballs and local beers during your stay and a number of included adventures which you can choose from a list. The number of included adventures depends on the number of nights you will stay at the lodge. Some adventures, such as an excursion to Tikal will incur an extra charge. Special conditions apply for children (see below).

The following table outlines the adventure options for each package:

3 nights: Choice of either 2 single day adventures* or, 1 overnight adventure
4 nights/
or 5 nights:
Choice of either 3 single day adventures* or, 1 overnight adventure and 1 more single day adventure
6 nights: Choice of either 4 single day adventures* or, 1 overnight adventure and 2 more single day adventures
7 nights: Choice of either 5 single day adventures* or, 1 overnight adventure and 3 more single day adventures

Rates on Request

Due to the many different factors that will influence the final package price, all rates are on request. For further information and a specific quote please send us and e-mail.

Black Hole Drop, BelizeAdventures at Caves Branch Adventure Lodge

Caves Branch Lodge offers the most extensive and most exciting range of adventures of any jungle lodge. Yet, there are many soft options available for less adventurous travellers, or children. All excursions are led by extremely competent and highly trained staff. Please follow the links below for a detailed description of the various adventure options.

Belize Cave Tours and Cave Tubing Adventures

Come and experience the mystery and beauty of the caves and caverns of Belize. The Caves Branch team are unsurpassed at guided cave exploration and invite you to share in these exciting adventures, on foot or by water.

All cave tours depart daily and may be subject to high water levels during the rainy season.

Jungle Tours and Expeditions

Come and explore the exotic Belize jungle with the Caves Branch team. Experience the spectacular local flora and fauna and other mysteries of the area on these exciting jungle expeditions and tours. Our overnight treks also teach you jungle survival skills. All adventures are full day unless otherwise stated.

Bird Watching and Wildlife Adventures

Belize offers spectacular opportunities for bird watching and wildlife adventures. The Caves Branch Estate is a prime location to see both resident and migrating birds as well as many of the exotic animals of the area. Early morning and after dark are some of the best times for encounters of this type. All adventures are full day unless otherwise stated.

Tikal, Guatemala

Belize Mayan Ruins Adventures

Mayan ruins are found throughout Belize as a testament to this vibrant culture of the past. Come and explore the mystery and wonder of ancient Mayan civilization in the buildings it left behind. We offer a number of adventure tours to these monuments both on and off the Caves Branch estate. All adventures are full day unless otherwise stated.

Diving and Snorkeling Adventures in Belize

We offer day trips to the Great Barrier Reef and other locations for both Diving and Snorkeling enthusiasts. Take a break from the jungle excitement and relax in the warm Caribbean waters. All adventures are full day unless otherwise stated.

Additional Trips

These full one-day trips take you away from the Caves Branch Estate and include transportation to and from each site, full lunch service, licensed guides, all entrance fees, bottled water and refreshments. All trips depart from and return to the Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. All adventures are full day unless otherwise stated.