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Terms and Conditions

The specific terms and conditions that apply to the booking of our tours vary from tour operator to tour operator. Some company's terms and conditions are published within the respective sections of these pages. In cases where they are not, we will be more than happy to supply them on request. Clients who are booking a tour with us will be sent the full terms and conditions, which must be read, signed and dated and returned to us by fax as part of the booking process.


Whether you are interested in a specific tour as outlined in one of the itineraries posted here, or would like assistance with planning your individualized itinerary from scratch, or whether you want to combine several different itineraries - just send an e-mail outlining when and where you want to go. The more information you provide the better I can respond to your inquiries. E.g. it helps to know how many of you will be travelling and whether there will be any children as part of your party. Sometimes it is also helpful to know the ages and physical abilities of the travellers so that we can make the most approriate suggestions. Also, particularly for individually arranged tours, it helps to know your budget and what type of accommodation you are looking for. Do tell us about any special interests you may have as we may well be able to suggest and arrange excursions that are specific to your interests and passions, even if they are not listed within the itinerary pages.


We will endevour to obtain a quote for your tour as soon as we receive your request or the details have been established (see above). However, please note that a quote is not a reservation. No hotel or other reservation will be confirmed until we receive your payment or deposit. In some cases we can hold a tentative reservation for a limited period of time, but please be aware that hotels in particular (and especially during peak times) operate on a first come, first serve basis.


Please allow plenty of time for making your booking arrangements - the earlier you book the better the chances that we will be able to satisfy your requirements - late inquiries, especially for peak holiday times or for popular tours, such as the Inca Trail or Galapagos Cruises, will often be disappointed. Plan at least 6 months ahead.

During the booking process you will be asked to fill in a client information sheet which we will need to make the reservation. We will only share this information with the respective tour company that handles your trip as far as is necessary. No personal information will ever be passed on or sold to any other 3rd party.

General Terms and conditions apply as outlined in our Terms and Conditions document. Some Hotels or specialist tour operators have their own terms and conditons which may apply also apply (in particular when booking packaged fixed departure tours, such as cruises, Inca Trail, etc). In this case you will be notified and required to sign a separate Terms and Conditions sheet of the respective tour operators as well.

Download General Terms and Conditions

Passport and Visas

It is the responsibility of the traveller to make sure your passport is up to date and current for at least 6 months after the date of your return flight. You are also responsible for obtaining any necessary visas if and where required. You can find out the visa requirements of each of our destinations by visiting the resource page and following the respective links in the visa section there.


It is advisable to visit your health professional prior to going on a trip abroad in order to obtain any necessary immunizations e.g. Yellow Fever vaccination when visiting Tambopata or Manu, or preventative medications, such as Malaria pills. For further information please check the health section in these pages, visit the websites for the Center of Disease Control or Institute for Tropical Medicine in your country for further information.


The signed and dated terms and conditions sheet and your payment confirms your booking, which will be acknowledged when we send your receipt. Usually, a 50% deposit becomes due within 2 weeks of the date of issue on your invoice. We accept payment in US dollars, UK sterling and Euros. Payments should be made by wire transfer or cashiers checks (US dollars only). We now also accept paypal and credit card payments. The remaining balance becomes due 60 days prior to your departure date. (However - for certain customized tours special booking conditions may apply. The details of specific terms are given on the terms and conditions sheet which is sent out with your invoice.


Cancellation and refund policies are subject to the specific terms and conditions of each individual tour operator in addition to our own. We will do what we can to adjust to your changing circumstances, but beyond certain time limits outlined in the specific terms and conditions of each operator, there is little we can do to help you recover your funds. Thus, we highly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance to safeguard against any possible loss incurred due to the mishaps of chance.

Disclaimer Notice

We have full confidence in the professionalism of the tour operators with whom we partner and we will do our utmost to ensure 100% professional service and a smooth travel experience for our clients. However, Sacred Earth Travel acts soley as an agent for these tour operators and businesses and thus cannot accept responsibility for any services offered by them. Any disputes that may arise will be handled through the jurisdiction of each operator's respective place of business. Clients are responsible for making their own airtravel arrangements and for taking out adequate travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance to cover any possible losses incurred by the mishaps of chance.

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