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Family Adventure Travel in Belize

Caves Branch Adventure LodgeNo doubt, Caves Branch Adventure Lodge deserves first place when it comes to family vacations in Belize. This extraordinary lodge is the perfect place for the young and the young at heart to play together. This lodge specializes in making adventures safe without taking the thrill out of the experience. How is that possible I hear you asking?

Inner tube floating - fun for the whole familyThe answer is, by training guides to be especially aware of the needs of kids and families. Nothing is more important than the competence of your guides when you want to explore off the beaten path - and this is where this lodge excels. For years Ian Anderson the founder of Caves Branch Adventure Lodge, has diligently trained his staff, who are by now internationally recognized for their work as the Belize Cave and Wilderness Rescue Team. But not only are staff members safety experts, they are also specially trained to deal with children in order to make the adventures accessible and safe for the whole family. For kids too young to participate in one or the other adventure even a childminding service can be arranged. A range of lodgings, from simple bungalows to exquisite tree-houses, can accommodate families of all sizes and requirements.

To make adventure travel more affordable for families Caves Branch offers extremely good-value, all inclusive packages with reduced children's rates. If you are looking for an active adventure vacation with a fantastic range of optional activities look no further.

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Family Adventure Travel in Costa Rica

Self-drive packages in Costa Rica - Adventure Travel at your own paceCosta Rica has so much to offer, so much varied scenery so many different kinds of adventure options that it is difficult to decide on just one place that provides the best adventures for families. My recommendation here would be a fly and drive package, which lets you explore different parts of Costa Rica at your own pace, with a rental car. That way you can decide where and when to stop and which adventures suit you best in any particular region. We offer 5 fly and drive packages to different parts of Costa Rica. You choose the car, we suggest the route, the hotels and some optional activities along the way.

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Sailing in the San Blas Archipelago
Family Adventure Travel in Panama

Gamboa is quite a large resort not far from Panama City, situated in the rainforest, yet easy to reach. Not the kind of place I would usually recommend, but for the money this is one of the best places in Panama that also offers a wide range of optional activities, including a rainforest tram.

The best way to enjoy the beautiful ocean and beaches of Panama is from the comfort of a sailing boat. Cruise the San Blas archipelago, stopping off in the best locations for swimming, snorkeling, enjoy the beaches or visit native Kuna communities.

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Family Nature Cruises in the Galapagos
Family Adventure Travel in the Galapagos

One of the best adventures for families in Ecuador is a visit to the Galapagos Islands with our cruise partner Ecoventura - they offer special departures for families with kids from the age of 7+ who prefer to travel with other families. These departures are offered during US school breaks and include age appropriate activities depending on the ages and number of children and teenagers on board.

A nature cruise to the Galapagos is an unforgettable experience for youngsters - a classroom zoo, science center, aviary, marine park and a cruise vacation all rolled into one. Our naturalists know how to pass on their passion for these islands and bring their magic alive while keeping a good balance between learning and fun for the whole family.

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Attention - Family Extravaganza at La Selva Rainforest Lodge

La Selva Eco-Lodge is putting on a special 4 day family extravaganza Experience all the thrills of the rainforest but in a family centered way. Playing, relaxing and learning together, your native guide will take you on a discovery trip that lets you experience the rainforest as you explore some of its many hidden secrets - a vine that stores pure water, bizarre looking insects and a myriad of useful plants - you will start to see the forest not as a collection of trees, but as a habitat of which you have become a part. And there will be fun and games as well. Learn to blow a blowgun - or join a canoe race, anyone?

While families are always welcome at La Selva Lodge, this special extravaganza completely belongs to children and parents and will be solely geared towards their needs and wants.

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La Selva Rainforest Lodge, Ecuador
Family Adventure Travel at La Selva Rainforest Lodge, Ecuador

Family Adventure Travel in Peru

Special Programs for kids and Teens at Posada Amazonas and Refugio Amazonas, Tambopata, PeruIn Peru the best jungle tours for kids are offered by Posada Amazonas/ Refugio Amazonas/ Tambopata Research Center. The have different programs for kids or teens with appropriate activities for their age group. Parents can join the kids on their activities or join the regularly scheduled adult activities. If the kids are very small it is recommended that at least one parent stays with them though.

Children's Rainforest Trail, Tambopata, PeruPosada Amazonas also collaborate with a unique NGO that works with children to instill love and respect for the rainforest. One of their projects is the Children's Rainforest Trail: Ania & The World's Voice - CHIWOR. A short trail designed for children with the help of ANIA, an environmental education NGO. Kids aged 6-12 hike with a guide through a challenging (but short) trail where they follow maps, solve riddles and find clues that will lead them to Ania's "gifts". The trail teaches kids how people live in the rainforest. The concept, the story and the trail are trademarked by ANIA, a non profit with the mission of creating 100,000 hectares of "Tierras de los Niños" (Children's Lands) - private protected areas in the management of children.

Teen tours involve active participation in field research on a variety of projects that are currently going on at the TRC, as well as other exciting activities. Teens will have their own guide, so adults can participate in the regular scheduled activities.

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