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Atacama Trek, Chile


The Atacma Trek is a classic trekking adventure that leads through some of the remotest and most beautiful areas of the Atacama. As it takes place at high altitude it is physically demanding and should only be attempted after adequate acclimatization by people who are physically fit. However, there is vehicle support and you will only have to carry your day pack. All camp gear will be transported from one location to the next by car. There are regular departures for this trip every monday throughout the year.
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Hiking in the Chilean Andes


The dramatic peaks of El Morado National Park are located less than 3 hours from Santiago, at the end of the Maipó Canyon. Of the hills that surround the canyon, El Morado is the highest at 5,060 m /16,596 ft above sea level, and one simply cannot miss it. It dominates the landscape of the park which provides a rich habitat for birds. Some of the most notable species are large hummingbirds, cometocino and austral thrush. The flora is composed mainly of Andean hard-leaf thickets, but in the lower areas of the park one can also find mountain olive, white herb and green foxtail plants, among others.
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Trekking in the Araucania Forest - Sollipulli, Chile


This exclusive adventure trip takes you deep into the forest of the Andes to a unique camp, known as 'Nevados de Sollipulli'. With its 5 individual geodesic dome tents for guests, it sets new standards in adventure tourism with a touch of comfort. The domes are not comparable to tents since they include real beds, central heating, wooden floors and exterior private bathrooms. These domes will not isolate you from the natural surroundings as the solid walls of a classical hotel would. Get in touch with nature!
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Hiking the Chilean Lake District


This 10 day hiking trip is designed for small groups of nature lovers of average ability. No hard-core trekking experience or ambition is required. It is meant to introduce you close up to some of the most beautiful National Parks of the Chilean Lake District (and also includes an excurision into Argentina). There is no better way to appreciate these exquisite natural areas than to explore them on foot.
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Torres del Paine Trek


The trails through the famous craggy mountains of Torres del Paine National Park are among the world's classic trekking destinations. Breathtaking views of glaciers, rivers, lakes, forests and abundant wildlife offers constantly changing scenery and experiences en route. During summer (Nov-Mar) there are 18 hours of daylight providing plenty of day time for the hiking journey. With Andean condors circling overhead and guanacos grazing in the valleys, this amazing trek offers a genuine wilderness experience.
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Hiking Patagonia's National Parks


This comfortable nature tour is a fixed departure group tour, a soft adventure itinerary that guarantees close contact with Patagonia's spectacular nature. We explore 8 of the most interesting and diverse national parks of Patagonia in both Chile and Argentina. On our numerous easy to moderate hikes and walks we can really appreciate the diversity of these amazing landscape. Our accommodations are mostly small cozy lodges and comfortable hotels set amidst pristine nature. There are only four departure dates between November and March and groups size is limited.
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Fitzroy Trek - Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina


Los Glaciares' is one of the most spectacular national parks in South America. The northern section of the park is dominated by the incredible, world-famous Fitzroy Massif, with its sheer, 6000-foot rise from the glaciers at its base. The southern section comprises of one of the world's great 'glacier wonderlands' as 40 percent of the park is covered by glaciers. About a dozen glaciers flow east to feed two huge lakes, Lago Viedma and Lago Argentino, and there are another 190 glaciers not connected to the park's giant 'South Patagonia Icefield'. We will spend several days exploring and hiking in these places of outstanding beauty that make Patagonia such a hiker's paradise on the edge of the world.
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Easter Island Hiking Trip


This program appeals to the less active traveler who enjoys soft trekking in the outdoor and cares about comfort throughout the trip. During the whole tour we stay in the same, family-style hotel in Hanga Roa and do day trips that combine walking and transportation by car to explore Easter Island and its fascinating ancient culture. A great itinerary that combines nature and culture with hiking to explore this fascinating island.
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Camino Apu Asaungate Trek


This trek offers a truly marvellous trekking experience, way up in the high Andes where the mountain tops loom majestically. A fatastic landscape of llama strewn pampas, lagoons and bizarre rock formations. Yet, despite the remoteness of this trek, you can do it in comfort: after a long day's hike at high altitude a comfortable bed and nourishing 3 course meal awaits you. The hiking is truly magnificent - but what a difference it makes to be able to retire to a comfortable bed at the end of the night instead of crawling into a tent! Now you can have both - and the whole thing run in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner - what more could you want?
This trekking project is a joint venture between the trekking company and local highland people, who have long eked out a living in this remote wilderness. The 'tambos' (guesthouses) are jointly run with the local communities.
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Machu Picchu


A hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu can be one of the most wonderful trekking experiences in South America. Taking you through enchanting scenery of different landscapes and climates you will eventually arrive at the spectacular city of the Incas: Machu Picchu. The Classic Inca Trail remains the most popular trek in South America. We offer this trek as a private departure - you can depart any day, with a minimum of 2 people. However, be warned that trail permits are limited and waiting times are long. If you are want to do the classic Inca Trail plan your journey early!
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Mount Salcantay


Due to overcrowding of the Inca Trail the Peruvian Park Authority has limited the numbers of visitors allowed on the trek at any one time. One of the best non-traditional routes leading to the famous Inca city of Machu Picchu is the trail known as the "Salcantay Machu Picchu Inca Route" or "Alternative Inca Trail". This remote path leads us through an amazing variety of landscapes and habitats varying from green, rich valleys full of lush forests and trees of different species to highland fields and glacial moraines flanked by steep rocky and icy peaks of impressive beauty. During our trip we have to cross a high pass below the spectacular glaciers of the Humantay (5,917m - 19,414ft) and Salcantay (6,270m -20,572ft.) peaks. From our last camp site, crossing awesome mountain terrain and lush cloud forest landscapes, we trek down to the shores of the Urubamba River and from there by train we will be transported to the small town of Aguas Calientes for a well deserved rest in a comfortable hotel. Next day we will enjoy a full day tour to visit the amazing "Lost City", of the Incas: The fabulous Machu Picchu.
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Choquecuirao Trek


Choquequirao is perhaps one of the best-preserved major Inca ruins in southern Peru and rivaling in importance the world-famous Machu Picchu citadel. In fact, till the nineteenth century it was thought that Choquequirao might be the famous "Lost City of the Incas". It is located in the Vilcabamba Range where trekking offers great opportunities to explore beyond the well-known hiking routes to Machu Picchu. This is a challenging and rewarding adventure: great landscapes, high mountain passes, amazing views, and impressive Inca ruins are waiting for us in the heart of the Andes.
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Quilotoa Crater Lake


This trek takes us high into the Andes to the Quilotoa crater lake. The first day is spent driving up into the mountains from where we will start the 5 hour trek the following morning. The night is spent in simple indigenous houses, providing a unique insight into to life of these mountain people and the challenges they face every day. During the trek we will pass several other mountain villages and get acquainted with this unique way of life 'on top of the world'.
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Andean Condor


Yanahurco means "Black Mountain" and it is an interesting, steep, old volcano located in the Western Cordillera in the north of Ecuador. This trekking adventure will take us through a beautiful landscape of lakes, streams and high páramos. With luck we will get a glimpse of the impressive flight of the Condor, the "King of the Andes"
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Cotopaxi volcano


This overnight hiking trip provides an opportunity to explore the Cotopaxi Park. The first day we set up camp in Limpiopungo valley at 3,800 m. Hiking west, up to the foothills of the Rumiñahui Volcano we will reach the crater's edge at 4200m. Providing we have clear weather this trek offers magnificent views of Cotopaxi and Mount Sincholagua. The next day we will drive to the Cotopaxi car park at 4600m. From here we will hike for an hour to reach the Cotopaxi hut. After a warming drink we will continue to Cotopaxi's glaciers. this hike, at high altitude is not for the faint hearted.
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Starting at the little village of Achupallas and ending at the Inca ruins of Ingapirca, this trek goes along colourful landscapes and offers beautiful views of the countryside. This trail is part of the impressive system of roads built by the Incas that connected Quito, the northern part of their empire, with the south of Chile. This is a relatively easy trek with spectacular views across the Andes. Still, climbing up to 4350m requires good physical condition.
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Antisana (4K)


A trek through the highland landscape of the Antizana Volcano is a wonderful experience on the high Ecuadorian paramos. With luck, condors can be observed together with other species of birds and beautiful highland flora. This is a fairly demanding high altitude trek of 4 days/3 nights through the stunning highlands and volcanic landscape of the Ecuadorean Andes. We will traverse moraines near the volcano's glaciers to reach a mica lake. The views are magnificent, but hiking can get tough at such high altitudes. The first camp is at 3800m, the last, just below Antizanas southern peak, is at 4500m.
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El Altar


El Altar is the fifth highest mountain in Ecuador. Undoubtedly it involves the most technical climbs and has one of the longest approaches. El Altar needs no translations into English and its various peaks all bear church related names. The highest is El Obispo (the bishop) 5319m; the second peak is El Canonigo (the canon) 5260m, El Fraile Grande (the great friar); La Monja Grande (the great nun); La Monja Chica (the little nun); el Tabernaculo (the tabernacle). All of these peaks and the surroundings are magnificent and a paradise for climbers and trekkers.
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Cayambe (4K)


A classic route that combines some of the most memorable sights of the Ecuadorian highlands and a comprehensive soft-adventure hiking itinerary in the Galapagos Islands. In the highlands we will visit the Indian market in the town of Otavalo and hike in Cotopaxi National Park. We'll return to Quito and fly to the Galapagos Islands to discover their lesser visited sites as well as their most famous landmarks on foot. We will be touring several islands by boat, but return at night for a comfortable night's sleep at a hotel.
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frigate (17K)


Explore the Galapagos Islands on foot! This soft adventure program is designed for families and adventurers who want seek close encounters with the natural world. Hiking is the best way to explore almost any natural environment as it slows us down to fully appreciate the treasures of the land, the fauna and flora. It is an ideal pace for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. On this 9 day Galapagos Islands hiking program we'll discover some of the lesser visited sites as well as the most famous landmarks. We will be touring several islands by boat, but return at night to a hotel for a comfortable night's sleep.
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Costa Rica
Corcovado Naturalist Trek


The Corcovado National Park has been described as the Amazon of Costa Rica, with one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world. It is a wild region with an abundance of rare wildlife, and the last area of primary forest along the Pacific coastline of Central America. The climate is very hot and humid, which enables the forest to grow to heights of 70 meters and provides a habitat for one quarter of all the tree species of Costa Rica in this small area. Corcovado National Park encompasses eight different habitats from mangrove swamps to mountainous forest. It protects over 400 species of birds, 116 amphibians and reptiles and 139 species of mammals. Corcovado is one of the two only places in Costa Rica where you can see the small, severely endangered squirrel monkeys, as well as the beautiful big red scarlet macaws. It is one of the last homes of the harpy eagle. Four species of turtles are laying their eggs on the beaches of Corcovado. Other species present here, are the endangered American Crocodile, tapir and many species of large cats, among them the mighty jaguar. Hiking through Corcovado is a challenging but rewarding experience you will forever remember for its isolated pristine environment brimming with rare wildlife. This 5 day/ 4 night trek is a real adventure. Participants should be in good physical condition. Accommodation will be at the ranger station and at a tent camp. NOTE: The Costa Rica National Park Service is restricting visitor numbers to Corcovado National Park. Thus, if you wish to visit the park you should make arrangements well ahead of time.
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Cope National Park


This hiking adventure will definitely take you off the beaten trek. El Cope National Park is very inaccessible and thus little visited. There are only the most basic facilities at the rangers station, so it is not a trip for comfort seekers. But the park is excellent for birdwatching and wildlife observation. It is also one of the few parks from where one can catch a glimpse of both, the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean at the same time. Thanks to a recent makeover by US PeaceCorps the trails are in very good condition - though you would never guess judging by the road on which you drive up to this remote piece of paradise.
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Kuna Trek


Experience the Archipelago of Kuna Yala, which is an unforgettable experience. From the Kuna Forest you can visit the San Blas Islands by the power of your own feet. From your hotel in Panama City you will be taken to the eco-lodge of Burbayar. there will be time to explore the trails around the lodge. The following morning you will start the 22km trek along a forest road to the coast where you will be met by a guide who will take you across to the Kuna Islands. Spend the next couple of nights at San Blas hotel, snorkeling, swimming and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of these islands.
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Posada Cerro de la Vieja


From El Valle to Posada Cerro de la Vieja. This 4 day/ 3 night itinerary combines hiking and relaxation is an exquisitite way. From your hotel in Panama City you will be taken to the town of El Valle. Enjoy the day exploring this delightful mountain town and preparing for the next day's hike, a 15 km trail along campensino trails to Posada Cerro de la Vieja where you will spend the next couple of nights. The posada is a perfect spot from where to explore the local forest trails or simply relax and enjoy the posada's mud bath and spa facilities.
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