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Lodges in Peru

Posada Amazonas, Tambopata, Peru

Posada Amazonas

Posada Amazonas is located on the Ese'eje Native Community's territory within the 2000 hectare private communal reserve, which in turn is directly adjacent to the 1.5 million hectare Tambopata Candamo Reserved Zone in southeastern Amazonian Peru. Posada Amazonas is a comfortable, yet unobtrusive 30 bedroom lodge, jointly owned between an eco-tour operator and the Ese'eja Native Community of Tambopata. Thanks to its accessibility, excellent wildlife observation opportunities and first class accomodations, Posada Amazonas is the ideal short, economic introductory nature tours to Amazonia's richest rain forests.
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Refugio Amazonas, Tambopata, Peru

Refugio Amazonas

Refugio Amazonas is a simple, 24 room lodge located in a 120 hectare private reserve surrounded by the community of Condenado, 3 hours by boat from the nearest town, Puerto Maldonado, and 2 hours up-river from Posada Amazonas. Puerto Maldonado can be reached in 30 minutes on daily commercial flights from Cusco and 90 minutes from Lima. Thanks to its location in the Tambopata National Reserve buffer zone, Refugio Amazonas is an excellent option for introductory nature tours and the ideal stepping stone for longer explorations to the Tambopata Research Center.
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Tambopata Research Station, Tambopata, Peru

Tambopata Research Station

The TRC is located in the 1,600,000 ha. Tambopata-Candamo Reserved Zone, which is regarded as one of the premier nature destinations in the world. The lodge was built with the object to lodge tourists and researchers and to protect the nearby clay lick. An abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities, such as the macaw clay lick (where up to 15 species of macaws and parrots can be seen on any given day) and frequent encounters with troops of capuchin, howler, tamarin, squirrel or spider monkeys are within easy reach of the lodge.
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Heath River Wildlife Center, Tambopata, Peru

Heath River Wildlife Center

Only 4 hours by river from P. Maldonado, the Center is one of the best-located lodge in the world's largest pristine rainforest. Within easy reach are an excellent macaw clay lick, Capybaras (120-pound Guinea Pigs), oxbow lakes with Giant Otters, 480 bird species, and 6 monkey species. Furthermore, we feature healthy populations of Tapirs and Jaguars. Though very traditional, the lodge in Sonene does not sacrifice comfort in the least. Guests enjoy roomy, private, double-occupancy bungalows with electric fans and en-suite facilities with hot showers.
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Sandoval Lake Lodge, Tambopata, Peru

Sandoval Lake Lodge

Located deep in Peru's Tambopata National Reserve, our lodge overlooks sparkling, palm-rimmed Sandoval Lake, the most beautiful and wildlife-rich of all lakes in the Tambopata area. This privileged location gives you exclusive access to the lake in the early morning and late afternoon, the choice hours for wildlife viewing and photography. No other lodge in Tambopata is on the banks of a protected oxbow lake.
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InkaTerra Reserva Amazonica

Reserva Amazonica

Set in the heart of a 30 000 acre private rain forest reserve, Reserva Amazonica is without a doubt the most luxurious jungle lodge in the Peruvian Rainforest. True to the unmistakable InkaTerra style, the lodge excels at paying the highest attention to the smallest details. This rainforest is for those who wish to experience the rainforest in style and comfort, yet still enjoy a certain rustic flair. Electricity is limited and the cabanas and main building are constructed using local materials to fit harmoniously into the surroundings. Reserva Amazonica is the only lodge in this part of the Amazon that features a canopy walkway.
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Manu National Park /Cloudforest
InkaTerra Machu Picchu Lodge

InkaTerra Machu Picchu Lodge

Exquisitely beautiful, serene and magical - without a doubt InkaTerra Machu Picchu is the best place to stay if you really want to enjoy Machu Picchu and connect with its deep sense of timeless mystery. InkaTerra is much more than just another hotel. The lodge is composed of 85 luxurious cottages nestles into terraced hills in 12 secluded acres of exquisite beauty, where a reverence for nature reigns. An intimate pueblo of charming whitewashed bungalows spread across the grounds, and a main building that houses the world class restaurant and Spa, all set amidst stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the rushing Vilcanota River. The gardens are home to the most extensive orchid collection in Peru. The grounds and surroundings offer innumerable opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and of course, visits to the enigmatic and mysterious Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.
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Manu Wildlife Center, Manu, Peru

Manu Wildlife Center

The Wildlife Center is located in a private, 40,000-acre rain forest reserve adjacent to the 1 million acre protected area named the "Amarakaeri Reserved Zone". The Center is the only lodge in the Manu lowlands with roomy, private bungalows, each of which has en suite private bathrooms complete with tiled, hot water showers. No other lodge in Manu offers all the major wildlife attractions in one spot: the world's largest tapir lick; the most photogenic large macaw lick; miles of monkey-rich trails through mature rain forest; two 120-foot-tall (35-m) canopy platforms and two mature lakes complete with Hoatzins and Giant Otters.
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Pantiacolla Lodge, Manu, Peru

Pantiacolla Lodge

Pantiacolla Lodge is set in beautiful rainforest on the side of the turbulent Madre de Dios River. It nestles in the Manu foothills at the base of the Pantiacolla Mountains, which is a very unique area of the national park. The mountains rise up to more than 1000 m behind the lodge and are a contributing factor to the enormous variety of wildlife that inhabits this area. Pantiacolla Lodge is an ideal rainforest destination for all types of jungle enthusiasts. For birders it offers superb opportunities to see unusually high numbers of birds in a very small area; for first time visitors it offers a comprehensive trail system that accesses all parts of the surrounding forest and offers great wildlife watching opportunities. For families it offers an *almost* mosquito free environment in which both children and adults can discover the secrets of the tropical rainforest.
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Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge, Manu, Peru

Cock of the Rock Lodge

This lodge offers the world's best Andean Cock-of-the-Rock experience in a pristine cloud forest reserve. Manu, Peru.Situated at an elevation of 5000 feet (1600 meters) in the cool, mosquito-free Kosñpata Valley close to the wild Cusco-Shintuya road, the lodge protects and supports a 12,500-acre private cloud forest reserve. It consists of 12 double-occupancy bungalows with private bath facilities, and a separate complex with a large dining room.
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Amazon Basin
Tahuayo Lodge, Amazon Basin, Peru

Tahuayo Lodge

Tahuayo lodge on the Tahuayo River has access to a great variety of ecosystems that we can explore as well as many native communities downriver. The are sufficient English speaking native men and women guides so that each person can go at their own pace and according to their interests. This is ideal for people who do not want to be stuck with a large group on a pre-set itinerary. You can choose a photographer's pace, a soft pace or a ruggedly adventurous pace. You can concentrate more on birdwatching, canoeing, canopy exploration, fishing or native culture. The northwestern corner of the Amazon basin, often referred to as the "green paradise" of the Amazon forest,is home to several exceptional national parks and reserves, which offer some of the best wildlife viewing experiences to be found in the Amazon.
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Explorama Lodge, Amazon Basin, Peru

Explorama Lodge

Established in 1964, 80 km (50 mi) down the Amazon River, EXPLORAMA LODGE is deep in primary rainforest and offers two-day or longer excursions. Romantic kerosene torches and lamps illuminate palm-thatched houses with 10-17 private sleeping rooms. Covered connecting walkways lead to the Tahuampa Bar, the Dining Room, the Sun Porch and two Hammock Houses. Showers & toilet facilities adjoin each house. A variety of treks are offered, including the Seven Bridges Trail walk. A special Full Day excursion to the Canopy Walkway is available for Explorama Lodge guests staying 2 or more nights.
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ExplorNapo Lodge, Amazon Basin, Peru

Explornapo Lodge

On the Napo River, 160 km (100 mi) from Iquitos, EXPLORNAPO provides access to the pristine forest of Explorama´s Sucusari Reserve, as well as access to the adjoining Amazon Canopy Walkway, one of the longest treetop walkways in the world. This adventure offers the opportunity to live in an authentic Amazon River style with palm-thatched houses, kerosene lighting and open-hearth cooking in a rainforest surrounding. Room, shower and toilet facilities are identical to those of Explorama Lodge. The recommended 5 day/4 night program, including two nights at Explorama Lodge, provides the opportunity to take special rainforest treks and excursions into the surrounding primeval forest in an area named by scientists as the "Biodiversity Capital of the World". Other options available from ExplorNapo include an overnight adventure staying in ExplorTambo shelters which are located in more remote rainforest, as well as staying overnight at the ACTS Field Station.
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Ceiba Tops Lodge, Amazon Basin, Peru

Ceiba Tops Lodge

CEIBA TOPS, the newest of Explorama's lodges, opened in 2000, is located on the banks of the Amazon River just 40 km (25 mi) from Iquitos. Ceiba Tops offers the comforts of home, air conditioned rooms with private bathrooms, in the most luxurious of Amazonian Rainforest settings. At Ceiba Tops, elaborate gardens, a swimming pool, water slide, hammock house and the Esmeralda lounge all complement the surrounding exotic environment. Ceiba Tops is perfect for stays of one or more nights. A special Full Day excursion to the Canopy Walkway is available for Ceiba Tops guests staying 2 or more nights. Explore the myths, mysteries and magic of the world's most exotic jungle, and then step from the tropics into the air-conditioned comforts of Ceiba Tops.
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Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge, Amazon Basin, Peru

Pacaya Samiria Lodge

The forest of mirrors, as this part of the Amazon is called, has a unique ambiance - nowhere else in the Amazon are there as many waterways, large and small, lakes and lagoon that reflect the sky and create a unique habitat, characterized by the seasonal ebb and flow of the water level. In the midst of this watery wonderland, surrounded by abundant rainforest, lies Pacaya-Samiria Amazon Lodge, one of only two lodges on the edge of the reserve. Until recently access to the reserve has been very difficult, but now there are some carefully regulated services that allow limited access. Pacaya Samiria lodge provides an ideal base to explore this fascinating nature reserve.
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