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Eco-Lodges in Panama

Eco-Lodges in Panama and Cost Rica are a little different than in Peru or Ecuador. They usually don't have set programs, but are simplymore or less rustic lodges in remote areas that give access to nature trails, which can be explored independently or with a guide. Some offer birdwatching or general nature observation hikes, other have canoes or horses for rent. Those located near the beach usually offer snorkeling trips.

PACalaMia (18K)

Cala Mia Eco-Resort in the Chiriqui Archipelago

This beautifully designed, solar run ecolodge is located 50km by road transfer and a 15 minute boat ride from David. It offers its visitors a truly environmentally friendly atmosphere. Perched on the tip of an untouched island in the Chiriqui Archipelago National Marine Park it is bordered by beautiful palm lined beaches and it's a true refuge to an abundance of wildlife which include: howler monkeys, ocelots, margays, jaguarundis, raccoons, ant-eaters, coyotes; in the bays and ocean: leatherback and hawksbill turtles, dolphins, whales and a wide variety of other tropical fish and birds.
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Posada Cerro de la Vieja, Panama

Posada del Cerro la Vieja

La Posada is part of an ecological project in Central America for the protection of wildlife. It is located on the biodiverse Mesoamerican Corridor, joining the two mountainous areas of Escaliche and Anton Valley. Enjoy gorgeous, unusual mountain scenery through nature hikes or while bathing in a pool located at the floor of a 90 foot waterfall. Taste excellent Panamanian cuisine on the slope of an extinct volcano in 'La Vieja'. Activities include: hiking, trekking, mule riding, birdwatching, mud baths and nature observation.
Forest Spa (4days/3nights) / Hiking: The trail of the Golden Frogs and Square Trees (4days/3nights) / Honeymoon: Forest Fantasy (8 days/7 nights)
Nalunega Lodge, San Blas, Panama

Kuna Niskua / Nalunega Lodge

Located on Porvernir area, the lodge offers comfortable rooms, solar energy, personalized service, and a restaurant that specializes in seafood. You will live with the Indians in their traditional community. The Kuna community, through the hotel, is actively involved in sustainable development and tourism on the island. They have maintained virtually untouched their culture, traditions and beautiful beaches. Activities: observing and interacting with the Kuna culture, snorkeling, swimming, walking, culture observation.
Caribbean Native Experience (3days/2nights) / Sea Kayaking: Sea Kayaking in the Kuna Kingdom (5days/4nights)
Burbayar Lodge, Panama

Burbayar Lodge

Burbayar is on the summit of the San Blas Cordillera, 22 km from the Atlantic and 14.5 km from the Interamerican Highway to the south. Though just two and a half hours away from Panama City, we are submerged in a pristine tropical rainforest area, which is part of a biological corridor linked to the Nargana Natural Reserve, itself connected to the Chagres National Park to the west and to the east with the Darien National Park. In Burbayar we are part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor (MBC**). The MBC goes from the south of Mexico to Panama, traversing Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The general objective of the MBC is to keep the biological connection of the entire zone in order to avoid forest fragmentation and loss of habitats, flora, fauna and cultures, as well as to assure its sustainable use.
Birding Burbayar and Darien (8days/7nights) / Kuna Trail Trekking Adventure (4days/3night) / Hiking or Birdwatching Adventure (3days/2nights)
Sierra Llorona Lodge, Panama

Sierra Llorona Lodge

Featuring spectacular panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and the entrance to the Panama Canal at Colon, this family style property features comfortable accommodations in a truly natural setting. Formerly a private residence, the Lodge offers its guests eight standard rooms with private bathrooms, hot water and ceiling fans, a dining room, bar, small Conference room, and a TV and music lounge. With four kilometers of private nature trails, a swimming pool and tennis court, the Lodge offers a variety of on-site activities to choose from. Nestled in the Highland rainforest of Panama's Caribbean side, the Sierra Llorona Lodge is the ideal place to get in touch with the natural world. World class birding is just outside your door, as you partake in guided nature walks and lectures about the exotic flora and fauna that calls this area their home.
Birdwatching Expedition 3days/2nights
Wekso Lodge, Panama

Wekso Eco-Lodge

La Amistad Biosphere Reserve has been threatened in recent years due to encroaching development, deforestation and destructive land use. The Wekso Eco-lodge generates income for approximately 20 Naso community families, providing them with ecologically friendly employment, and helps them maintain their cultural values. Wekso also generates resources for the protection of the natural resources of La Amistad, and has generated a higher level of awareness among the Naso community members, in respect to protecting the ecosystems as well as the plants and animals within them. The Naso Indians have retained their own language, and due to expressed concerns of the loss of tribal traditions from older members, the community has taken steps to revitalize their fading traditions. An example of this is the Shaman's Apprentice Program, which encourages indigenous people to preserve the knowledge of traditional medicine and transfer it to younger generations. Handicrafts are also made by local community members. The lodge has bungalow style cabins with capacity for up to 4 people per cabin, outside bathrooms, meals and optional tours.
Stay with Boca's Naso Tribe (3days/2nights)

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